Monday, January 21, 2008


Last week as I was reading through my 2005 journal, I came across a passage that expressed the Father's heart for me during a very dark and painful time. It's so encouraging to look back and see how Father's words became life and joy and peace -

"Patience. Patience. Patience. The Father has made EVERY provision for you to live and thrive in the midst of this dark situation. Run into His mercy! Appropriate the fullness of His grace. Tap into the resources of the Body of Christ - those brothers and sisters who are supporting you from the heart. Roll all of your burdens and worries onto Him. He is fully able to carry them without any assistance from you! Rejoice in the trial. Rejoice in the suffering. Glorify the Father violently and passionately in the midst of the fire. Remember the three Hebrew children in the furnace! Revelation comes IN the fire! Suffering begets glory. Let the glory of the Father rest upon you - trusting Him to work out ALL things concerning you in perfect accordance with His plan and purpose. HE'S GOT YOUR BACK. HE IS SO INTO YOU! HE DELIGHTS IN WHO HE'S MADE YOU TO BE! HE'S EXCITED BEYOND WORDS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. IT'S GOING TO BE GLORIOUS AND MIND-BLOWING, HOWEVER IT PLAYS OUT!

"Don't take the easy way out. Live out of your heart. Do not fear!!! The Father's got your back.

"Continue to wait patiently upon the Lord - allow Him to unfold His purpose in your midst. Entrust yourself into His love, care, and faithfulness. He will never let you down! Allow Him to have the fullness of His way in you and through you. Above all things - let HIS LOVE be your guiding light. The knowledge of His love for you! Be a vessel of that love for others. Love your children lavishly. Give them the fullness of your heart. Feel their pain and release love, affirmation, and healing into their lives!"

- October 18, 2005

Live free! Live in Daddy's affection!