Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the debate

In its November 13, 2006 issue, TIME magazine featured a "God vs. Science" debate between Christian genome pioneer Francis Collins and Oxford atheist Richard Dawkins. Last week, TIME published several letters in response to the debate. Below are two letters that rang true:

"Scientists will not find God unless they think outside the box, as Collins has done. Faith and miracles, so central to Christian thought, are anathema to the scientific method, as Dawkins reaffirms. 'Why am I here?' and 'Is there a God?' are questions that cannot be answered by science. God comes to those who have the insight to think in another dimension and have the wisdom of a child."

John S. Mackiewicz, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences
State University of New York, Albany, New York

"Science and religion seemingly cannot coexist because religion is all about the past and science is all about the future. Scientists and theologians need to stop making the mistake of equating the concept of God with religious doctrines. Every scientific breakthrough reinforces my belief that God cannot be contained by the confines of religion or science."

June Dordal
Moorhead, Minnesota

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John Oliver said...

God has graciously expressed Himself in His word to us. He spoke and willed that His words be recorded, not to confine Himself, but to illuminate us. Those words are things He deeply wanted us to know about Himself; what he wanted to teach us about Himself. They are surely not all of Who He is, but they are most certainly true about Who He is. The doctrine we receive from His word does not confine God, it liberates us.
What these scientists really mean is, "we don't like the God expressed in those words, so we must look for Him outside those words." But God declares that His word is true and from Him. We should listen to His advice, not those of scientists, or even our own hearts. He is good and true, and His word is not against Who He is - neither in the past, now or in the ages to come - the truth expressed in Scripture will never be outdated, for it comes from the eternal God. Amen!