Friday, December 17, 2004


Excerpts from an email to a friend discussing the Father's leading in regards to fellowship:

I have seen over the past several months that as I walk with Father, He connects me with those of like heart and mind, completely apart from any planning or effort on my part. It just happens. Even though I see "house church" as a nice form/method for "doing church," I see that WE are truly "the church" and that as we are vitally connected to the Head, we will be connected by Him with those of like heart and mind. I see myself as part of one huge family - the Body of Christ - that cannot and will not be contained and restrained by the man-made barriers of groups, movements, and denominations.

In regards to our fellowship, the Lord is teaching me to completely release and lay down all expectations I have of others, my relationships with others, and even "house church" or "fellowship." I am to release others to follow the Lord as their heart leads. I am to embrace, accept, and love them as my brothers and sisters. Whereas six months ago, I would have been crushed if our "house church" had disbanded or ceased to meet, now I have a peace that the Lord will build His church whatever the outward circumstances. I don't doubt that I was looking to "house church" or our "fellowship" to meet needs in me that the Lord is jealous to meet. Now I know that whatever happens with our house church/fellowship, the Lord will connect me with dear brothers and sisters or send me out into a desert/wilderness with Him - it's ALL good when it's Him and when He's our Life and Source - when He has preeminence in all things.

I'm also seeing that it's NOT about house church, liquid church, emerging church, simple church, organic church, relational church, 24/7 prayer, worship, intercession, warfare, the Bible, prophecy, healing, deliverance, revival, etc. It's about Him and Him alone. He alone is enough!


Anonymous said...

Could you share more from this e-mail?

Lindsay said...

Look for a post titled "freedom" in the next few days. I'll share a portion of the same email about the Father's work in my heart.