Saturday, October 28, 2006

wild ride

As a sixth grade teacher, one of the first books I read aloud to my students is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. With each new reading comes a fresh insight into the heart of God. This year, Aslan’s post-resurrection romp through Narnia really stirred my heart. Here are some choice selections -

Aslan (to Susan and Lucy): “'We have a long journey to go. You must ride on me.' And he crouched down and the children climbed onto his warm, golden back.... And with a great heave he rose underneath them and then shot off, faster than any horse could go, down hill and into the thick of the forest.”

“That ride was perhaps the most wonderful thing that happened to them in Narnia. ...this is a mount that doesn’t need to be guided and never grows tired. He rushes on and on, never missing his footing, threading his way with perfect skill.... And you are riding not on a road nor in a park, nor even on the downs, but right across Narnia, in spring....”

What a great description of the wild, off-road, springtime ride I’ve been on these past two years. My journey has been unpredictable, unorthodox, and utterly liberating - a time of new beginnings like no other. As I wrap myself in the warm, golden folds of His loving heart, there is peace and exhilaration in abundance.

- Lindsay

Live free! Live in Daddy’s affection!

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Anonymous said...

I feel good to find your words here.
It encourages me to find others who see the same things with God. Sometimes I will just click the “next blog” button to see who is out there.
I like it to find people who are seeking and being found. I note that you have not been writing much. I hope all is well with you.

This link is to a post I wrote a month or so ago.

It is about a book by Lee Camp. It is a challenging theme. ‘Mere Discipleship’ is a turn of the title by CS Lewis’ ‘Mere Christianity’. Lewis always impresses me, but Camp, I believe, hits it far deeper into centerfield, with his book.
God bless.