Tuesday, July 25, 2006

love prophecy

Twenty years ago when I was a young, unmarried twentysomething, a precious young lady gave me a single sheet of paper filled with words straight from the Father's heart. At the time, it was a challenge to receive the full impact of those words into my heart because my relationship with Father was very much based on performance - specifically, my ability to keep rules and follow principles. Even though I fancied myself quite spiritual (full of God's life), in reality I was quite religious (full of my own efforts).

Thanks to the Father's abundant mercy and grace, the words of this prophecy resonate far more powerfully today than they did twenty years ago. Although the prophecy was given directly to me, I believe it is a beautiful expression of the Father's heart for each and every one of us -


My Delightful Son Lindsay,

I watched you last night while you slept - My heart was so overwhelmed with Love for you! I thought about you all night, excited to see you wake, and think of me. All day I have watched, and smiled, because you Lindsay, are such a joy to me! I have so much for you - I am constantly planning and bringing to pass things to bless your heart, and lift up your soul.

I want to remind you of my Love today - Love that you can accept and be confident in. Don't ever count yourself as not being worthy of my love - You are worthy, simply because you are my child. I proved my love, when I sent my son...Had I not loved you as deeply as I do, I could not have stood back and watched Him die - but when you Lindsay, understood and accepted what I had given, it was worth it all...and my heart was full of joy in knowing that my lost son had come home.

For I chose you, Lindsay! You can come to me with your daily hurts, frustrations, and joys - knowing that my hand of love will be upon you, doing what is best...I will be right beside you, when you feel as if your heart might break - when you're overwhelmed with yourself and the world - and I'll lead to the rock that is higher than you are - Which is me! I'm solid and strong, yet gentle and tender. In me you can find your strength.

I have made you new, Lindsay! I have ingrafted you in Jesus, and in Him you are new and fresh. Totally. Completely. I have drawn you to myself and invested in you the preciousness of my dear son...All that is His, is Yours - which is everything! So remember today Lindsay, that the old you has passed away. Do not carry the weight of it around. Be as a butterfly, just out of the cocoon - free and joyful in the new creature he's become.

Find your security in my Love Lindsay. Let your roots grow deeper each day. Press into the breadth, length, height and depth of it. For my love has no limits. I want you to experience it to the fullest. Be wholly filled and flooded with me! I have great plans for you, far beyond what you could ever imagine. I am at work within you each day, and am able to carry out my plans - All you need to do, is let me!

So today Lindsay, rest secure in my love. Seek me, for I have so very much for you, my dear son. And at the end of the day, fall asleep in my arms...Knowing that my eyes are on you, and I'm smiling!

Received February 6, 1986

- Lindsay

Live free! Live in Daddy's affection!

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BruceD said...

Man, that's awesome, life-changing, and amazing! Thanks for sharing!

It sounds like you really "get" the Father's love! Looking forward to more good stuff!