Saturday, July 22, 2006

daddy's love

Excerpt from an email to a friend this week -

It seems that so much of this walk with Father is about moving from the concept of His love in our heads to the reality of His love in our hearts. Several years ago, I prayed, "Father, show me your heart. Let me feel what's in your heart." He continues to answer that prayer on a daily basis. Many times He uses the simplest things to communicate His love - the song of a bird, a smile, a butterfly, a cool breeze, kindness from a stranger, an email from a friend or just a simple impression in my mind that I am loved with a love that cannot be quenched.

In all of these things, Father shows me that He loves me simply for who I am - the person He's created me to be - not for what I can do for Him or others. He doesn't love like the world loves. He simply delights in who we are - nothing more, nothing less. Nothing we do can make Him love us more. And nothing we do can make Him love us less. We are loved simply because we are His!

His love is tender and gentle, passionate and relentless. His love frees us from the expectations of ourselves and others. His love frees us from all our fears, whether it be fear of the future, fear of failure, or fear of rejection. His love frees us to walk free, living true to the dreams and desires He's put in our hearts, regardless of what others might think or say. His love is unfailing, always there for us. the quietness of your heart, just say, "Daddy, show me this incredible love you have for me. I want to feel the intensity of your love for me. I want to live in the reality of your affectionate love." He is faithful, and He longs to answer that prayer far more than you could ever imagine.

- Lindsay

Live free! Live in Daddy's affection!

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