Wednesday, November 10, 2004

his embrace

"The demands upon me now were greater than ever before, and I needed a relationship with Him that was built upon more than just occasional crisis encounters with His power. I needed a loving Father's arms to crawl into daily so that I could cast all my cares upon Him. I needed to trust so much in His loving nature that I could daily believe that He was present to meet my need for comfort and nurture, even in the times I could not sense His fatherly embrace. This was a defining moment in my journey into dwelling daily in the Father's love."

"Father longs for us as His children to enter into this kind of relationship with Him. He wants us to enter a place of faith in His goodness and love where we know deep in our heart that He is always with us seeking to meet our need as a caring Father, not just during times of dramatic encounters. It is in this place of abiding daily in His presence that His loving nature displaces our insecurities and fears and where we are being conformed into His image of love."

- Jack Frost, Experiencing the Father's Embrace, p 172.

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