Monday, January 24, 2005

father bursting

"This is the best of good news: God loves us for ourselves. He values our love more than He values galaxies of new created worlds. He remembers our frame and knows that we are dust.

"The God we love may sometimes chasten us, it is true. But even this He does with a smile - the proud, tender smile of a Father who is bursting with pleasure over an imperfect but promising son who is coming every day to look more and more like the One whose child he is.

"We should revel in the joy of believing that God is the sum of all patience and the true essence of kindly good will. We please Him most, not by frantically trying to make ourselves good, but by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections and believing that He understands everything - and loves us still."

- A.W. Tozer, Whatever Happened to Worship?, p 29.

Live free! Live in Father's love!

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