Monday, January 17, 2005


What a beautiful testimony of the Father's heart for a young Muslim -

"Suddenly a breakthrough of hope flooded me. Suppose, just suppose God were like a father. If my earthly father would put aside everything to listen to me, wouldn't my heavenly Father? ...Shaking with excitement, I got out of bed, sank to my knees on the rug, looked up to heaven and in a rich new understanding called God 'My Father.' I was not prepared for what happened.

"Suddenly the room wasn't empty any more. He was there! I could sense His presence. I could feel His hand laid gently on my head. It was as if I could see His eyes, filled with love and compassion. He was so close that I found myself laying my head on His knees like a little girl sitting at her father's feet. For a long time I knelt there sobbing quietly, floating in His love. I found myself talking with Him, apologizing for not having known Him before. And again came His loving compassion like a warm blanket settling around me.... I reached over to the bedside table where I kept the Bible and the Koran side by side. I picked up both books and lifted them, one in each hand. 'Which, Father?' I said. 'Which is your book?'

"Then a remarkable thing happened. Nothing like it had ever occurred in my life in quite this way. For I heard a voice inside my being, a voice that spoke to me as clearly as if I were repeating words in my inner mind. They were fresh, full of kindness, yet at the same time full of authority. It asked, 'In which book do you meet Me as your Father?'"

- Bilquis Sheikh, I Dared to Call Him Father: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman's Encounter With God.

In light of the Father's heart, what should our heart be towards those who call themselves "Muslim"?

Live free! Live in Father's love!

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Geo said...

Great post!
Our heart should be as the Father's heart.
One of the things I have learned is that whatever part of God that other beliefs have touched was becaused they got there by walking the Jesus bridge weather thay know it, acknowledge it or not.