Monday, April 10, 2006

scandalous love

"Jesus has an immense, immeasurable and eternal compassion. His compassion is always greater than my sin. He is scandalously forgiving. His mercy burns as He destroys shame. There is not an ounce of condemnation within Him. He loves the fact that He has bought our freedom, paid the price for our sin nature to be redeemed.

"He has unbounded patience. He is full of unending goodness. The glory of God is His goodness. He will cause His goodness to pass before us all the days of our life. The good News is that He is eternally good. His goodness stretches beyond infinity. What He is; He is forever.

"His love is so compelling… it heals us. It strips away all of our pretense and restores us to happiness. Only God can love God effectively. The First Commandment came from God not as a command only, but as a revelation of His own intention toward us. He will love us with all His mind, heart, soul and strength. God does not measure His love to us; He does not mete it out according to our performance. His love is not a reward. It is not based on a loyalty program like frequent flyer miles.

"God’s love is scandalous and disreputable to Pharisees.

"It is poured out in the context of grace, mercy and loving kindness. It is lavished upon us gladly. A price has been paid and now we are free to be fully loved by the One who knows that love covers a multitude of sins."

- Graham Cooke, "Uncommon Love"

Live free! Live in Father's love!

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