Sunday, April 09, 2006

uncommon love

"Life is funny, often sweet, and occasionally deadly. It comes at us real fast or painfully slowly. It rains, it snows, it’s cold, it’s warm, it’s too hot, it’s nice and cool; it’s wonderful.

"It’s lovely because of who we have with us on the journey. I AM is with us. Smiling, laughing, embracing, nodding, shaking His head at us in merriment. He is comforting, patient, faithful when we don’t get it; optimistic, full of possibilities.

"He is strong, fierce and immoveable, implacable against the enemy. He is stern, holy and unapproachable in His purity. Only His mercy enables us to stand before Him on the ground of grace. He is sovereign, supreme and unknowable except by the Holy Spirit. He is imminent and transcendent. You don’t mess with the Father. You obey. You surrender. You don’t take liberties. You live in the paradox of delight and reverent fear.

"You come before Him with open faced joy as a child to a beloved Father, and you also stand before Him trembling as a fully mature son. Grateful for Jesus. Always grateful for Jesus. That you can stand in Him; be included in Him; live your life in Him. Because of Christ, the Father comes to us and breathes life into our seeking heart.

"Always truthful, He imparts a grace that is frankly astonishing. His mercy has no place for judgment. Jesus has been punished (thank God!) so I can find clemency. The sheer beauty of God is marvelous to behold. This is the Christ that I have personally encountered these past few years of my journey into Uncommon Love."

- Graham Cooke, "Uncommon Love"

Live free! Live in Father's love!

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