Wednesday, April 12, 2006

steadfast love

"His grace is the empowering presence within that enables us to feel good about ourselves. We are learning to live as much loved children before the Father. Grace sets us up to succeed at loving God with all our hearts.

"Grace empowers us to receive love and return it to the father heart of God.

"His mercy is His total favor given gladly to the undeserving heart. Jesus stands with us in our struggles. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He knows our frame. He remembers that we are dust. He is not ashamed to call us His brethren. He is not embarrassed by our failures. His mercy makes us clean because His blood washes over us continuously. Jesus stands in the credibility gap between our capacity for sin and our hunger for God. He weans us off the former and establishes the latter as He daily occupies Himself with our growth and development.

"He is the kindest person I have ever known. His goodness is so outrageous and shocking… it is actually disreputable to the religious minded. Only Pharisees would distance themselves from human failure. When we need Him the most, Jesus steps in close. Loving kindness is a hard thing to learn. All our conditioning leans us towards rewards and punishment which often means we withhold love when it is most needed. Uncommon love never ceases, it is steadfast. It endures to the end of all our circumstances no matter how recalcitrant we can be. Love never fails.

"Because uncommon love is continuously present and fully available, we may become saved to the uttermost. Uncommon love is the Father intentionally doing His utmost to empower us to be loved and to respond to love by loving."

- Graham Cooke, "Uncommon Love"

Live free! Live in Father's love!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for these posts. They really hit the spot. At first I thought the words were yours, seemed to me they could easily be. How lovely on the mountain are the feet of those who bring good news! Thank you for sharing these beautiful words. Bless you!